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  • Smells like:  Grapefruit, mangosteen, cedar and amber. It’s sweet, citrus, fun and happy.
  • Story: “Growing up in the 90s in Cuba was rough for pretty much everyone, but as a child you don’t see any of it. I have a wonderful childhood. This is probably the sweetest scent of the collection and the one that burns the strongest just like the memory of my childhood. It was fun, free and happy. This scent embodies that! All the summers I spent with my friends playing on the streets, riding bikes, skating, climbing trees, eating all sorts of fruits and being invincible.” 
    • Hand Poured Scented Candle
    • 2.9 oz | 89 g - Perfect for a small to medium room and travel.
    • 6.0 oz | 170 g - Perfect for a medium to large room. 
    • Coconut and Soy wax blend
    • 100% cotton wick
    • Seamless tin plated steel containers
    • Approximate burn time: Small Tin 25 hours | Large tin 50+ hours 
    • Please read instructions and warning label
    • Tin becomes very hot while it burns, please allow enough time for it to cool down and the wax to become solid again before handling. Failure to follow instructions may result in injury.