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  • Smells like: smoked tonka, sweet vanilla with a touch of amber, oud and black pepper. It smells like your favorite gourmet bakery during the Holidays. Sweet, vintage, smokey and luxurious. It is the smell of a white Christmas Morning while your favorite Christmas music plays in the background.  
  • Story: "What are the Holidays without Vanilla? Although we are not dessert people, during the Holidays there seems to always be a need for a sweet moment. This scent is the memory of my first snow storm in New York City. There is a very famous bakery at the store I was working at when we first moved here. You could smell the sweetness all the way from the start of the fragrance department. The smell of vanilla mixed with all the fancy fragrances being sprayed was incredible. The very first time I tried one of their famous cupcakes was during the first real winter storm we experienced here. The snow falling as if someone had flipped a snow globe upside down while everything is decorated with lights and red and green and shimmery mixed with the warmth of vanilla and sugar and coffee was priceless."  
      • Hand Poured Scented Candle
      • 2.9 oz | 89 g - Perfect for a small to medium room and travel.
      • 6.0 oz | 170 g - Perfect for a medium to large room. 
      • Coconut and Soy wax blend
      • 100% cotton wick
      • Seamless tin plated steel containers
      • Approximate burn time: Small Tin 25 hours | Large tin 50+ hours 
      • Please read instructions and warning label
      • Tin becomes very hot while it burns, please allow enough time for it to cool down and the wax to become solid again before handling. Failure to follow instructions may result in injury.