Wax Melts Spring | Summer

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  • Smells like: 
    • Brownstone: Amazonian teakwood, oakmoss, fern & white champaca. A luxurious combination of woods, musk and florals. 
    • Fresh Hippie: Fresh white thyme, rosemary, & Indonesian patchouli. It smells like fresh cut green herbs with a warm and soft floral finish. 
    • Monaco: Fig tree, black amber musk & white tea. It's a classic fresh, sweet and sweet fig scent with a perfect side of bitterness and sharpness from the amber and tea. 
    • Night Walk: Jasmine, sandalwood & suede. This is a floral scent with a masculine side brought out by the wood notes. It smells like a perfect spring night walk after the rain where white flowers are blooming and you can still smell the wet wood.
    • Seoul Spring: Neroli, bergamot, amber & oud. This is a sweet floral and fresh citrus scent that warms up with the slight smokiness of wood and resin. It is a bouquet of newly blossomed white flowers after a harsh winter. It smells like true love after a heartbreak. 
    • Summer Tea: Black tea, ylang ylang, palm & sandalwood. The  combination of the earthy notes of the tea and the sweetness of the florals and woods makes this scent an intoxicating experience. It is an invigorating masculine scent. 
    • Yard Fruit: Grapefruit, magosteen, cedar and amber. It’s sweet, citrus, fun and happy.
  • Story: “I have been working on these melts for a while to make them in a better, more unique and eco friendly packaging, but lately I have gotten so many requests to make these, that I decided to use these clamshells I have had for a while just sitting there. They will be limited edition, and hopefully by the fall I will be able to make them part of the regular collection."  


    • Perfect for tea light or electric wax burners
    • 2.5 oz | 71 g Hand Poured Wax Melts
    • Natural Soy Wax 
    • Please read instructions and warning label