The 2020 Bar

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    • Vegan 
    • Smells like: Tangerine, lime, grass, basil and citrus. Fresh cut grass
    • Story“This was the first Fall Theme soap I attempted to make this year and well just by its looks you can tell... just like 2020, it didn’t go so well! Everything was going ok until I mixed the fragrance oils into the soap batter and BOOM... it became almost instantly solid! I had to rush and push everything down on the mold as quickly as possible, screaming at my husband to come help me at least attempt to push as much of the mix in as possible. The feeling of defeat was awful! How can something that smells so good behave so bad?!?!? When it was time to cut I assumed that it would be a horrible smush of colors and fragrance pocket holes and air holes, but to my surprise, it was actually not THAT bad! I cut the tops off, shaved the sides, and we were left with a rather smaller bar that smells incredible with just a few holes, but more than anything, a bar that feels like a dream on your skin. So I decided to name it The 2020 Bar because for many of us this year has been exactly like that, a blob of freak outs, uncertainty and disbelief; but let me tell you, things will work out, things will get better!”
    • Ingredients:                                                      
      Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Organic Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Coconut Milk, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance,  Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Kaolin Clay, Mica. 
      • 5.5 oz | 155 g Handcrafted Artisan Soap
      • External use only.
      • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
      • Do not use around your eyes.
      • You might want to, but please don’t eat it.