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  • Smells like: Black tea, ylang ylang, palm & sandalwood. The  combination of the earthy notes of the tea and the sweetness of the florals and woods makes this scent an intoxicating experience. It is an invigorating masculine scent. 
  • Story: During my last summer in Cuba I was turning 14 and was a typical teenager with crushes, issues with friends, and mood swings. My memory from that time is kind of foggy due to all the change that came right after, but there’s one thing I remember clearly: the smell of my front yard while I sipped some black tea. I have no idea how we got our hands on black tea, but I was all for it. I felt like an English princess waiting to be rescued. I left Cuba the following winter and I never drank black tea regularly like I did that summer again. This fragrance also reminds me of one of my grandmother’s childhood friends who we reconnected with when we got to the US. She used to wear a very specific fragrance that I loved and it has been discontinued since. Her and her partner took care of us when we arrived as if we were family, so every time I burn this scent, I can’t help but to feel an immense gratitude.”
    • 3.4oz | 100ml 
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