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  • Smells like: Neroli, bergamot, amber & oud. This is a sweet floral and fresh citrus scent warmed up by the wood and resin. It is a bouquet of newly blossomed white flowers after a harsh winter. It smells like true love after a heartbreak. 
  • Story: “I have been obsessed with Korean Dramas for a long time now. I love the sound of the language, the music, the food, the fashion, but more than anything, the innocence of their love stories. And as if it was not enough, life has brought me a wonderful friend to feed my addiction who I call my  언니 (Unnie- Older sister.) This scent is inspired by what I imagine visiting Seoul would feel like. A romantic walk by the Han river, or a visit to the N Seoul Tower, followed by some street food with Soju. This scent is an invitation to romance and adventure. 
    • Hand Poured Scented Candle
    • 2.9 oz | 89 g - Perfect for a small to medium room and travel.
    • 6.0 oz | 170 g - Perfect for a medium to large room. 
    • Coconut and Soy wax blend
    • 100% cotton wick
    • Seamless tin plated steel containers
    • Approximate burn time: Small Tin 25 hours | Large tin 50+ hours 
    • Please read instructions and warning label
    • Tin becomes very hot while it burns, please allow enough time for it to cool down and the wax to become solid again before handling. Failure to follow instructions may result in injury.