MONACO Glass Jar

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  • Smells like: Fig tree, black amber musk & white tea. It's a classic fresh, sweet and sweet fig scent with a perfect side of bitterness and sharpness from the amber and tea. 
  • Story: “This scent is inspired by our honeymoon. We took a 7 day cruise from Barcelona to 5 other cities in the Mediterranean, and the most impressive, and most romantic place was Monaco. It was picturesque: the colors of the sea against the coast, the majestic mountains in the background and the boats that looked like toys floating in the sea. It was like a dream.”


    • Perfect for medium to large room
    • 10.50 oz | 298 g Hand Poured Scented Candle
    • Coconut and Soy wax blend 
    • 100% Cotton wick
    • 50% Recycled glass
    • Approximate burn time 80 hours
    • Please read instructions and warning label