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  • Smells like: fresh tobacco leaves, leather, galbanum and fresh vetiver. It smells like a cozy cold afternoon with your soulmate. It's an addicting, sexy and crispy green scent. It smells like the beginning of something wonderful. 
  • Story: "I have to say, this is my favorite scent from this collection. This scent is inspired by plantations of tobacco leaves in Cuba and it's process. La Escogida is the name of the specific place where the tobacco leaves get treated after they cure. The name translates to The Chosen One, but it is also means The Harvest. Although the actual harvest doesn't happen until early spring, the sowing season starts in September depending on the weather. I personally never experienced this, but my husband did and it is an iconic symbol for the island and our culture. His dad has such vivid and detailed memories of the whole process that is fascinating. This is my take on the smell of the leaves growing, being picked, cured, and worked with. It’s the smell of the stools where the farmers rest while proudly look at their hard work flourish. This is the smell of the red soil in a colder December mornings while you can see the dew resting in the tobacco leaves. It’s the joy of tradition and happiness of a family coming together.”    
    • 3.4oz | 100ml
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