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  • Smells like: Fresh white thyme, rosemary, & Indonesian patchouli. It smells like fresh cut green herbs with a warm and soft floral finish. It feels like a relaxing spa day during a perfect summer vacation.   
  • Story: "Looking for a fresh green scent I came across a common denominator among the perfumes I have worn over the years: Patchouli. I had always stayed away from this oil as a single note because of its sharp green character, but after  a long period of testing, I understood why it’s used everywhere. This scent became one of my favorites right away. It’s fresh, clean, relaxing, inviting. It is called Fresh Hippie because In my years in this industry I had always heard the older crowd refer to Patchouli as the Hippie’s fragrance and after a little research I found that indeed it was. In the 60s hippies used this oil to mask the scent of marijuana. The thing is, Patchouli on its own is very similar to that scent, so it is believed they just wanted to smell like the same thing they were smoking. I found the story hilarious so I used it as an inspirations for the name. This scent is the perfect combination of green, clean and fresh, nothing like what I’m assuming a hippie would smell like in the 60s” 
    • 3.4oz | 100ml 
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