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  • Smells like: a delicate floral combination of white Lilies, the warmth of amber, a fresh hint of mimosa and eucalyptus mint. It is a romantic and intimate cold evening while sipping the last drops of a glass of sparkling champagne.  
  • Story: "I was looking for a minty, sort of mojito scent to capture the fresh side of Christmas and winter, but everything I came across was just not great. Right when I was losing hope that I could find an interesting fresh scent, I came across these fresh floral oils that made me completely fall in love and not only fall in love with the candle itself but with everything around me. This is the smell of Love and Happiness. It reminds me of big snowstorms in Boston and how my husband and I used to walk in the Commons and run on undisturbed snow while I probably complained and my husband laughed."
    • 3.4oz | 100ml 
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