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  • Smells like: fresh apples ready to be picked, with a crisp side of orange peel, and a sweet base of cedarwood and red wine. It is the feeling of sipping woodsy fresh red sangria at a holiday party surrounded by everything and everyone that makes you happy. 
  • Story: "My first Christmas Eve in this country was... different. It was my first Christmas ever away from my mom, my friends, my home. I had only been in this country for 14 days so my teenage brain was still trying to process all the sudden changes. We went to one of my dad's cousin's house in one of those fancy rich Miami Beach Islands and it was like a movie. The view of the water and the lights, the giant real Christmas tree, the bridge in neon purple lights. I can't remember if they were burning anything, or if there were any apples anywhere, or even going to the bathroom where normally you would find all sorts of smelly things (good and bad), but when I mixed these oils for the first time, the first thing that came to my mind was that living room with the view of the water. I felt the same mixture of awe and discomfort that I felt back then, nevertheless beautiful and exciting.” 
    • Perfect for a medium to larger room 
    • 10.50 oz | 298 g Hand Poured Scented Candle
    • Coconut and Soy wax blend 
    • 100% Cotton wick
    • 50% Recycled glass
    • Approximate burn time 80+ hours
    • Please read instructions and warning label