Our Story

Welcome to 7Velas. We are a candle and soap company based in New York. Founded in 2018 by Susana Verdecia.

Why 7? It is a number so it can be read in any language. The number 7 is said to represent completeness, a job "well done" and spiritual maturity after a learning period. You will also find only 7 scents in each candle collection. Velas means candles in Spanish, but it also means boat sails. This represents our family's journey migrating from Cuba conquering the unknown and taking chances.


We are inspired by the connection between memory and your olfactory sense. We are drawn to the way your mind travels when you smell a familiar scent, or how you are able to remember people, situations, or places much better only by the way they smell. We want to extend an invitation to create new memories, or treasure old ones that come back when you experience one of our products. 

7Velas was also born out of frustration of simply not finding affordable high-quality products. Overpriced candles that would not burn properly, or soaps that had all sorts of unreadable ingredients on the labels, and a passion for fragrance, drove our founder to use her almost decade of experience in the luxury cosmetic industry and resourceful creativity to come up with concepts that would be good for your nose, your skin, your home, and your soul.


Candle- Our candles are a Coconut and Soy blend wax that we hand-pour to perfection, using 100% cotton wicks. All of our fragrance oils are phthalate free. You'll have a long and clean burn as long as you follow proper burning instructions. We don't use colorants, any difference in color from candle to candle is the natural color of the fragrance oil.  

Artisan Soap-  All handmade-handcrafted. We are not 100% Vegan since we use Goat's milk in some of our formulas for its wonderful skin soothing properties, but we use NO ANIMAL fats. We use a mixture of skin-safe fragrance oils that are also phthalate free, and essential oils depending on the formula. Our soap colorants are Vegan and cruelty-free.

Creative Soap- These are made with Melt and Pour bases given their flexibility to work with molds and color. These can be custom made and personalized. They are a great unique touch  as Event Favors.